Reiki+Castor+ Sacral Chakra

I was watching this:

Mama Gem’s COL for the Fire element back in August and part of the recommendation was castor oil packs and also Reiki for the Sacral chakra to help heal some issues. If you have anything going on in that area, despite it being a weekly, it may be worth a watch.

I’ve previously tried castor oil packs in an effort to heal endometriosis and monthly fibroids. If you’ve ever tried them before they can be a bit of a rigmarole, though a lot of people swear by their effectiveness but they take a level of commitment and consistency that I couldn’t follow through on for financial and resource issues which, ended up making my whole experience with them more stressful than anything else. Aside from these tussles, I also just wasn’t happy with the idea of having plastic all over my stomach with heat and pretty much spent the whole time lying there in anxiety.

In my head – the Reiki and castor oil packs collided and I came up with a pretty cool alternative to achieve both ends: Reiki my sacral chakra with castor oils on my hands.


I’ve tried it a few times since and it has definitely been a key into something. I feel that it works because of the intention of the Reiki, plus the oil and the warmth from my hands. It feels like the best of both after all, Reiki is a healing way that can be mixed with a lot of things.

This for me is keeping simple what could’ve become an overly complicated thing in a way that I can form a commitment to it and give it a go. I especially like doing mine for approx. 30 mins before bedtime – seems to soothe something in me.


May not be for everyone but it’s another witchy way to get everything covered every day #sodhacksThisislife.




Cape Vs. Fear: Superhero U.

Superpowers. Superhuman.Super-Strength. Even if it’s just vitamins.

We’re all capable of something. Have this capacity within us. The ability to be more than what we humanly are on a daily basis. But why do we not believe it?

Even Superman had to Clark Kent. Batman to Bruce Wayne. Why? It’s not just for super secret cover, but humility. Or as Poirot the Super Belgian Detective in his cape-free but unearthly wrinkle-free suits would say, humbility.

Therein lies a big sticker. Some of us, so used to being of the earth, forget what our super powers are, stuffed as they are under the filings of the daily grind. And most of us, mislead by media don’t recognise what our individual superpowers are if they don’t seem special enough to make the 9 o’ clock news, or the halftime show at the Superbowl.

We can’t hide in basements anymore. No more FOMO , “is this it? Is this it?”, or fear period. Tell your fears to sit up straight and pay attention: they are not in inner charge any more.

As the moral goes, one the one hand as an individual, you’re the same as the dust and the ashes – the earth and our ancestors – as we walk this planet. Nothing special. On the other, this whole world was built for you. We’re co-creators in the OneSong. Extra-terrestrial. Celestial matter spun up into a cauldron of cosmic water for the human experience.

The timing of the pattern, the rhythm or when we need to unleash our superpowers – our gifts, varies according to person and situation. Some of us spend our whole lives consciously or not so consciously waiting for that one moment, for others those moments arrive day after day, or night after night if your of the bats variety, and become integral to how we live on a daily basis.

Your power could be anything. Could reach any number of people. Or maybe just one. You could be afraid of it, embrace it, know it, not know it until the time comes to exercise its right to existence. It could be something you already did that somehow makes the moment:

@mikeyungnyc – Twitter

“Your gifts and talents are God-given and not to be denied.”

You don’t have to be Jeff Goldblum saving the world from aliens with a Macbook. You’re just the person who just happens to have the right thing at the right time:

It could be something small, or something big. Innate or learned. Neither is better than the other.

Class Test

Did she just:

a) Make her friends laugh
b) Truly pull that train through the station safely and on its way
c) Weave magic somewhere off in the ethers/ on another plane
d) Complete her daily workout
e) All of the above and then some.

And there doesn’t always need be a video camera or a news broadcast around. Most superhero moments are private. You’ve been given what you need to get the job done. Whether for you or for another. At the point when it matters most in time.

But the one, the one that we all have in common and need to exercise the most on a daily basis, it’s mostly forgotten but its power should never be underestimated, nor its potency to being a strength and a groundedness to our daily living like nothing else can – it’s so bloody obvious and yet so subtle:- self-belief.

Whatever the heck is going on, wherever the hell ya are: You’ve got this.

Cape for you. That’s the special secret sauce for the inner magic. Go all out for yourself. Go in.

Let this eclipse be the wormhole to drain off all the self-doubt for super peaceful steady flow. Whatever there is to do, begin it.

“everyone’s opportunities are different. focus on making the best of what u have. it’s all that matters.” ~ Mike Yung.


Yours in the Universe.