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“I am afraid to let him see how strong and simultaneously fragile I am. How beautiful and how ugly. How confident and how self conscious… And, though I am afraid, I will not let love pass me by. When he arrives, I’ll allow him to love me thoroughly and unconditionally.”

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La Luna ~ half-lit Quarter Loca

Quarter moons aren’t something that I’ve paid much attention to previously, but of late, they seem to be having more and more impact. I guess the current transits have upped the ante on the Full and New to the blatantly obvious. I’m finding that quarter moons are where the personal private subtleties are – a mine of intuitive astrological gold that’s completely abstract and of the ephemeral ethers and yet makes complete practical sense.

There’s usually one night a month where I’m up all night in the energies. Usually it’s the dark of the moon or the late end of the Full moon phase, but in the past few months, I’ve switched to quarter notes. Shit really is not easy at the moment, but watching the quarter houses helps with the transliteration of starry and earthly accounts.

Here’s my favourite takes on the quarters:

Last Quarter:

“…Our perception needs cleansing at the Last Quarter. Our field is clogged with residue from our growth cycle. A less inward and thoughtful period, the waxing Moon drags in its wake immoderate desires, faulty judgements, misguided ambitions. Having been so attuned to the outer world, we may have behaved in ways that won us social approval, but took us away from our innermost selves. “Is that all there is?” we may find ourselves asking. The underlying desire is to reconnect with our essence. In burning away the unfortunate by-products of the waxing period, we create an earth-bound version of that spacious place our spirit knows. We gift ourselves with the required room to start over at the next New Moon… We must “essentialize” in the Last Quarter, drawing closer to our core…” ~ Dana Gerdhardt – read the rest of it here on

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First Quarter:

“…We start making sandcastles at the First Quarter Moon. This is the midpoint of the Moon’s waxing hemi-cycle, a building time. Its crisis brings both the excitement and threat of taking new action. To succeed, we need to prod ourselves forward, yet be nurturing too. Our project is yet young. It’s not the time for completing; rather, we now lay a foundation, establishing a base of operations that can support our future efforts. Without this work, our revelation at the Full Moon will be disappointing; many Full Moon misfires can be traced to inaction back here.

The First Quarter can inspire in us the vitality of a child. And it can ignite a child’s immaturity. Our insecurities might flare, as can our defenses…

…At the more powerful First Quarter crises, it may seem our very lives are at stake. The moment comes when it comes: we are challenged to grow or die. We don’t always feel strong or heroic enough to meet it; frequently, we have to surprise ourselves…” ~ Dana Gerdhart – rest of it here @


Happy Quarter Hunting for what you don’t know that you didn’t know about yourself xx




The Sun Enters Leo – Integrate Your Beliefs!

Woo hoo! The Sun entered Leo early this morning – at 5:30 am Eastern US time on Friday, July 22nd, 2016. The heart of summer has arrived. Our Sun is delighted to be travelling through the sign of his rulership. He is ready and willing to brighten our lives, to shine consciousness on what was previously murky and indistinct, to help us lighten up and not take ourselves so damn seriously. God knows we could all use the help, especially with the world the way it is right now!

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” The next month is all about assessing your beliefs and goals – aligning your vision and your values and your actions. The Sun in Leo wants you to SEE yourself clearly. Does your self-image match what you do with your days? Are you allowing yourself to express your unique genius, your creativity, that thing you can do that nobody else can? Be brave and tell the truth. Poke a flashlight into the dark corners of your psyche. Minimise cognitive dissonance. Demand integrity, which is of course another word for “wholeness.”There’s a beautiful line from Khalil Gibran’s book “Jesus, the Son of Man”: “His body was single and each part seemed to love every other part.” That could be a motto for the Sun in Leo.

In the Sun-into-Leo ingress chart, cast for the Eastern United States, we find that the Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all conjunct in Leo and all sitting together in the First House, the house of personality and what you show the world. For many of us, it’s not easy to develop and maintain an accurate self-image, or the kind of confidence that I refer to as “healthy-selfish.” We’re always on the verge of tipping into egotism on one side or self-abasement on the other.

Fortunately, however, the next thirty days will provide us with many wonderful opportunities of enjoying our “selves” – understanding, appreciating, and relishing our uniqueness. It almost feels like we have more free will than usual, like our choices are less “fated” or less circumscribed. Our desire-nature (Venus) and our ability to think rationally and communicate (Mercury) are partnering beautifully with our ego identity (the Sun). Take notes on what makes you feel healthy and joyful. Write it down so you won’t forget. What do you “know for sure” (as Oprah says)? What do you believe?

This stuff can change over time! Our selves are not static. Your natal chart ripens and evolves as you get older. And especially right now, with the South Node and Neptune travelling together in Pisces, approaching their conjunction (plus the influence of the Pisces Moon in the ingress chart), there’s a good chance that you’re hanging on to some old belief systems that don’t really serve you anymore. Let them dissolve! It’s part of life! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with discarding an outworn belief system. Once upon a time, you learned that even books *without* pictures could be fun to read, and that maybe Santa Claus doesn’t get to EVERY single house on Christmas eve. You had to reevaluate the way you looked at the world. It’s part of growing up. Keep on growing up! You can do it!

The importance of clarifying our *current* beliefs is also part of the message of the T-Square between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune that has been running since last fall. The three Big Guys have been pushing and pulling us in different directions, trying to make us decide what is most important to us and how hard we’re willing to work for it, so that we’ll be ready to hit the ground running after Jupiter enters Libra in September.

The Leo Sun this month will also be working with the T-Square, helping Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune to integrate their various needs and desires. Get yourself “together.” This is prime-time for cultivating wholeness. You’re going to NEED that clarity, that integrity next week when Uranus stations, causing a crisis that demands we stand up for we believe in – and you’ll need it again, on August 24th, when Mars and Saturn meet up in Sagittarius and start a new two-year cycle around how you act on and fight for your beliefs.

So get going, everybody! Love passionately, play hard, cultivate awareness.